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That '70s Show Roller Disco (TV-14) Jackie recruits Fez to be her partner in a roller disco contest and after winning gets drunk and begins hanging all over him; Earl sues Red after being fired.
That '70s Show Eric's Panties (TV-14) Donna finds a pair of panties in the back of Eric's car and incorrectly assumes that Eric is cheating on her, which makes him happy to know she cares.
That '70s Show Baby Fever (TV-14) While babysitting an infant Kitty decides she wants to have another child; Donna and Eric talk about the future and realize they may not always be together.
Roseanne Hair (TV-PG) When Roseanne gets a job at a beauty salon that she regularly visits, she soon finds herself doing the same work she does at home.
Roseanne I'm Hungry (TV-PG) Roseanne and Dan decide to join a weight loss program which promotes low calories and lots of exercise, but it's not easy to avoid temptation.
Roseanne All of Me (TV-PG) When Jackie announces that she has found the man of her dreams, Roseanne can't find it in herself to be quite as excited as her younger sister is.

The Goldbergs I Caddyshacked the Pool (HD, TV-PG) Adam tries to get out of swim class, but Coach Mellor threatens to fail him for not participating; Erica forms her own club, but Barry winds up joining.
Saving Hope En Bloc (HD, TV-14) Alex takes on a surgery to save a young boy who has a tumor that other doctors have deemed inoperable; Joel has difficulties with his new career challenge.
It Could Happen to You (TV-14, PG, **+) When a cop promises to split his lottery winnings with a waitress and then hits the jackpot, he plans to honor his agreement, but his wife has plans of her own.

« 60 Minutes (HD, New, TV-PG) Hosts present a series of in-depth personal interviews, profiles of important people in the news, hard-hitting investigative reports and featured segments.
Big Brother: Celebrity Edition (HD, New) Host Julie Chen invites a special group of celebrity contestants over to a redesigned "Big Brother" house as they face a series of unique challenges.
NCIS: Los Angeles Plain Sight (HD, Repeat, TV-14) NCIS pursues a cache of stolen weapons worth approximately $1 million by following the collected evidence to a wealthy charity event.

« Jennifer 8 (TV-14, R, **+) A Los Angeles policeman nearing burnout moves to rural California and gets crosswise with his new coworkers when he reopens a case involving a serial killer.
Without a Trace Transitions (HD, TV-PG) When a choir director notices that one of his regular performers has failed to attend a church service, he decides to inform the FBI about the disappearance.
Without a Trace Second Sight (HD, TV-PG) When a young psychic goes missing, the team has a difficult time uncovering any leads while investigating the disappearance; Vivian puts up a brave front.
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